1195 PTE Garnet Wolseley Dewar

I received this week an email from the son of PTE Garnet Dewar. He shared some wonderful photos of his father that were taken in Jan 1916 in Egypt; a dashing young man. He enlisted in 1914 and was part of the original manning of the 1st Australian Stationary Hospital. Garnet’s son told me a wonderful and interesting story of how his father remembers mixing mustard on the beach in Gallipoli when a turkish shell landed nearby on a tent unfortunately killing all nine occupants. For the remainder of his life he would always recall this story and tell it to family and friends whenever he used mustard on his food.

PTE Dewar was a radiographer and had signifcant experience using x-rays. This would have come in very handy at the 1st Australian Stationary Hospital both on Lemnos and on Gallipoli. Thanks goes to PTE Dewar’s son for sharing some of his father’s experiences with me.

1195 PTE Garnet Dewar of 1ASH


Welcome to the 1ASH Book Blog

When writing books in the past, I have found it is just as interesting to share the stories making the book as it is to actually finish the book. As this is my third book I thought it would be different to blog the journey of making the book from the start through until it is published in the near future. These stories maybe interesting articles or photos that I have found or it may be a blog about some of the correspondence I have received from relatives.

Most importantly this blog will provide the readers with updates on the progression of the book on the 1st Australian Stationary Hospital. I wish to produce a high quality publication on the 1st Australian Stationary Hospital covering off the stories and experiences of the Doctors, Nurses and soldiers of this hospital during WWI.

If you have any information, photos or articles on any of the members of the 1st Australian Stationary Hospital then please get into contact.

Thank you and enjoy the blog!!