About 1 ASH

Amongst the fighting men of the First Australian Imperial Force (AIF) that left in late 1914 for Europe were some of Australia’s most dedicated and talented medical professionals. These men and women who held successful positions in the civilian workplace prior to the war, answered the call to arms and ventured off into a perceived world of excitement and adventure.

Some of these men and women belonged to the No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital (1ASH). Their perceptions were quickly adjusted to the reality as they would see first hand the sick and wounded men returning from the front. Horrendous and unspeakable wounds, debilitating illnesses and the ever present ghastly diseases would confront the staff of the No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital every day.

They would also get a further taste of war when the hospital deployed to Gallipoli in the second half of 1915. Forever treating casualty numbers greater than expected, the Doctors and staff, most of them sick throughout the campaign, worked long and ardous hours sometimes to the detriment of their own health to care for the Australian Soldier.

This site is a precursor to the book I am writing on the No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital. It is my intent to publish this book in April 2015, the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign. I would like to put in the book a photo and biography of every officer, soldier, nurse or attachment that served with 1ASH.

This book is very important to me as one of my relatives was a member and their story needs to be told.

If you have any information, be that a photo, document, or story that relates to No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital then please contact me at author@no1ash.com or via this blog.




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