PTE George Leslie Hayward

Received an email from Colin this week regarding George Leslie Hayward. PTE Hayward was one of the original members of the No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital serving in Egypt, Lemnos, hospital ships and Gallipoli. Unfortunately he was killed at Gallipoli after a shell hit the tent he was in. His possessions were returned to his family which included a diary that he kept. Even though he was not a detailed writer (most entries were one-liners), the diary provides information that is invaluable to this project. He also includes details in the diary such as pay, money lent by colleagues, some medicine prescriptions and addresses of people that he met and knew. One entry is special; the address of Albert Jacka VC that is obviously written in the diary by Jacka himself. Jacka passed through the hospital on Lemnos in August 1915 and members of the hospital even had a chance to take a photo with the new VC Recipient. Thanks Colin for making contact and very grateful for the information.


One thought on “PTE George Leslie Hayward

  1. The entry referring to Albert Jacka VC in PTE Haywards diary …talks about medicinal prescriptions. My Grandfather was the 1 Ash Chemist and would have dispensed these . A comment is made that some ‘comments on colleagues’ are written down . I am wondering if NCO Corporal Arthur Wilkinson is personally mentioned and if so what was said?
    I have just ordered the book Blood Sweat and Fears and I am so pleased for you that you were able to purchase the book that pertained to your Grandfather.
    I am so glad you started this blog as I was wondering how your book was going. Am very much looking forward to reading it!

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